When I die


Many people have written poems about death- with deep statements about appreciating life while you have it. This isn’t one of them. Besides we all know I am not a poet- I tell stories. It is just something that popped in my head after I saw this pictureon Nana Kofi Acquah’s timeline. You should go and see his photo exhibition at Alliance Francaise- ‘Don’t call me beautiful’. Intriguing name, isn’t it? Anyway, on to my impromptu poem😊

When I die, you should cry.

At least I’d be flattered if you did.

For those of you whose tear ducts are on retirement, you can do a moment of silence. That also works.

I am a crybaby- I plan to cry when I am saying my vows, when I first learn that I am pregnant, when I get my first car (I love troskis but we must move on), when I…

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