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Originally posted on Soulbase's Blog:
There was a loud hush across the court room as I stepped into the docket to defend myself. I do not remember that last time I smiled, for life had not given me too…

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Know all about Noella Wiyaala; from her Naughties to her Angelics

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Friday Bonanza!

Originally posted on Otafregya's Blog:
The gaming industry is buzzing in Ghana at the moment with casinos and sports betting companies setting up shop at every turn. They have some catching up to do with the age-old numbers game…

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Learning from Bella Naija by Isaac K. Neequaye*

*This piece is taken with per mission from the venerable Isaac K. Neequaye. Enjoy: It wasn’t quite light yet, but a couple of funny recollections were already chasing each other across the top of my mind in the rapidly fading … Continue reading

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Giving and Getting: The DERSWA Project*

This video is uncomfortable to watch (though not in a graphic sense); it is still worth more than the required four minutes of your time. This discussion was built around the recent Band Aid initiative led by the Irish musician … Continue reading

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