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All rantings that are connected to the capital city Accra.

Urban Flooding and that Sense of Déja Vu – The Case of Accra

*I wrote this article 3 years ago (in 2010) and didn’t get round to publishing it. I present it  unedited (bar the picture) just to make the tired point of cycles: ————— If anyone is searching for proof that we … Continue reading

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How to Motivate Bribery for Better Performance among the Ghana Police (Motor-Transport Division)

Ayi Kwei Armah’s The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born ends with a scene in which a soldier stops a trɔtrɔ; then some ostensibly commonplace exchanges occur. Here is some background: Kwame Nkrumah’s government has just been overthrown by the … Continue reading

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My Oga at the Top, or Started from the Bottom Now We’re Here – the Naija Remix

Recently, this happened on a Nigerian TV channel. Watch and laugh (or weep): If you want the quick and dirty, the crux of the matter is this: on a current affairs program, an official was asked to provide the website … Continue reading

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And the Three Became One: Traffic and the Use of Lanes in Accra

You’ve been there before, you know it. Sitting behind your steering wheel or in a passenger’s seat and being able to do nothing but sit there and helplessly observe. Well, maybe you won’t just sit there as a spectator. You might … Continue reading

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