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Disappearing Act

Originally posted on Kaleidoscope Shards:
This particular magic trick snuck up on you subtly; gradually. First, the taps stopped running in your area. They would run one week and dry up the next, till they dried up all together. You…

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King Khalid University Honors Professor Baldwin for his E-Lit Global Efforts

Originally posted on arabicelit:
King Khalid University, one of the leading Saudi universities, bestowed its highest honors on Sandy Baldwin, Professor of English at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), for his global efforts in developing electronic literature. King Khalid University…

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A CALL TO ACTION: Wake up Middle and Upper Class Kenyans!

Originally posted on The New Mau Mau Revolution:
by Eunice Songa ? Let me take a few minutes of your time. Kenya is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Opportunities abound for those willing to work hard; the land where you…

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In Conversation with Eric Gyamfi: ‘The Idea of Erasure is Scary’

Originally posted on Kwabena On Assignment:
? Eric Gyamfi (Courtesy: Eric Gyamfi)  ? Eric Gyamfi is mainly a photographer. His body of work comprises self-portraits and portrait series shot in monochrome. His work interrogates societal complexities and even, paradoxes. His…

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The Game is the Ground: Public Lecture at Amherst College

Enjoy a public lecture I gave at Amherst College on examples of electronic literature from Ghana in November 2016.

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Colonialist Criticism by Chinua Achebe

Originally posted on Anang Tawiah:
? Colonialist Criticism by Chinua Achebe: Critical Commentary Chinua Achebe in ‘Colonialist Criticism’ vehemently criticizes the failure of European criticism to understand the African literature on its own terms. He powerfully attacks the sense of…

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Originally posted on Our God in the valley:
I  have Carer Fatigue. I’m sure there is a more official sounding name for it, but that’s what I call it. There comes a time when  as a carer of a child…

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The ‘I Walk Alone’ Syndrome

Originally posted on Joseyphina's World:
(c) Jason was born the only child to his parents. Living in a residential area, he didn’t have the childhood experience of hanging out with other kids in his neighborhood. He had enough…

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That Time I fell Out of Love With The Black Stars

Originally posted on kuukuwa:
Oh how I used to love this era of the Black Stars! To me, they were a bright spot in the generally dark and dreary world that Ghanaians are expert in manoeuvring through… a beacon of…

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