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Lifting Up Apagya

They say bad news sells. Add the specter of commercialization to the “third world-ness” of a country like Ghana and one can sometimes understand why media houses tend to focus on bad news so much. As such, even perusing headlines … Continue reading

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Black Stars Ready to Illuminate Brazil

As a typical Ghanaian, football has been part of my diet for the longest time. I have lived through the healthy meals of age tournament victories and suffered the unhealthy droughts, which include not having won the African Nations Cup … Continue reading

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Nobel Fraudulence: the Media, the Church and Mr. Mensah

For contextual background to this blog post, check this comprehensive summary out:   Thanks in part to social media, scandals stampede over each other like hungry students at the dining hall who just heard of extra meat in their lunch. … Continue reading

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“Africa Kills Her Sun”: Awoonor Passes On

Cowardly gunmen attacked the West Gate Mall, a high end shopping mall in Kenya. At the moment, the dead are about 60 while the injured are getting to 200. One can only hope that no more people lose their lives … Continue reading

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Obama and the Cape Coast Clean-Up Exercise that (Once) Was

There was a massively positive response to Obama’s decision to visit Ghana in early 2009. Coming right after his historic presidential victory, his visit was the perfect PR opportunity for Ghana’s fledgling democracy. Similar to the uniting power of football, … Continue reading

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Musings on the “Africa’s New Middle Class Rising” Cliché

This week the BBC had a debate about Africa’s New Middle Class. The lively discussion was held across a few days on social networks and on radio, bringing together opinions from both the continent and beyond. For background to the debate … Continue reading

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To Strike, to Demonstrate: Communication During Industrial Action

*This is a much larger version of an opinion piece that was published in the Mirror on Saturday May 4, 2013. It was about communicating during industrial action in Ghana* In any democracy it is important that everyone has access to … Continue reading

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Olympic Games – Why We Don’t Care

Maybe it is true that the average Ghanaian doesn’t like to inconvenience others, especially foreigners. Yes, that has to be it. That is the only reason why since 1992 we have allowed the workers who tally the medals won at … Continue reading

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Urban Flooding and that Sense of Déja Vu – The Case of Accra

*I wrote this article 3 years ago (in 2010) and didn’t get round to publishing it. I present it  unedited (bar the picture) just to make the tired point of cycles: ————— If anyone is searching for proof that we … Continue reading

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African Union is 50 – good for them; Africa is Much Older!

There is this joke told in Ghana about a middle aged person (can be male or female) who is writing an exam with other (mostly younger) students for prospective entry into the university. Toward the end of the exam the … Continue reading

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