Disappearing Act

Kaleidoscope Shards

This particular magic trick snuck up on you subtly; gradually.

First, the taps stopped running in your area. They would run one week and dry up the next, till they dried up all together. You took it for granted that the problem would be fixed; but it is still here, rubbing its long fingers on just about everything.

Then your electricity supply became erratic. They said the water level of the Akosombo Dam had reduced. Then they blamed the turbines. And then they said the Electricity Company was in debt. You discovered that the country’s disco light crisis had been christened “dumsor”. Like everyone else, you lacquered your disappointment with dumsor jokes. You believed beyond doubt that the problem would be fixed. But now, during your power-less days prayer finds your tongue more easily than laughter. On light-less nights, you shake the problem’s grip off your boundless optimism, becoming faintly…

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