In Conversation with Eric Gyamfi: ‘The Idea of Erasure is Scary’

Kwabena On Assignment

eric-gyamfi Eric Gyamfi (Courtesy: Eric Gyamfi) 

Eric Gyamfi is mainly a photographer. His body of work comprises self-portraits and portrait series shot in monochrome. His work interrogates societal complexities and even, paradoxes. His portraits have been shown in many exhibitions, most recently, in Lagos and have been featured on Huffington Post and the BBC website.

Like his self-portrait series ‘Asylum’, the ‘See Me See You’ exhibition highlights the queer life in Ghana. I, KAY, speak to him on his art of photography and work of documenting queer lives.

KAY: Your series ‘Urban Nomads’ surprised me a bit. I thought it would be photos of only people. There were concrete buildings and kiosks too.  To think about it, these physical structures are nomads as they are exchanged among owners and caretakers.

EG: To a degree they are. The kiosks, in this case, assumes a little more. They come to represent, in some ways…

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