The Anas video: My thoughts


Ace Kojo Anan Ankomah asked me this evening what I thought about all that I saw in the now very very famous #anas videos:

First off I wasn’t shocked too much. May be because of the transcripts and trailer that we saw it didn’t hit me as much.

But I was suprised at how little it takes to bribe some judges – all Ivy Heward-Mills required was 800 cedis. Yes. Eight Hundred. One 8 with 2 zeros. That was a shocker.

I wasn’t suprised that there were power brokers like Gabriel and Dzata and numerous court clerks and secretaries who yield so much power and make things happen. They are the Olivia Popes of our courts – the fix things.

We all use such persons in our lives. We just have become so used to the little acts of corruption that they now tend to feel and look like ‘it’s…

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