The Omanjor Reading Project #NVDay15


For National Volunteer Day 2015, sociarchi is collaborating with Utopia-Wishlist on their Omanjor Reading Project.

Utopia-Wishlist is a group of vibrant young individuals who have come together to make a difference in the lives of people in Ghana, focusing on the education of children in deprived areas.For the past three years, Utopia-Wishlist has been working with pupils of Omanjor M/A School to improve reading skills. The group has regular reading sessions with the pupils on weekends, supplementing the work being done by the teachers in the school.Through a fundraising and sponsorship drive, Utopia-Wishlist was able to convert a small store room available on the premises into a book storage space and succeeded in stocking it with a few hundred books!

The next steps

The book storage space is small, and there are few spaces available for pupils to read on their own. Thus, Utopia-Wishlist and sociarchi are collaborating to construct…

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