Sebitically Speaking Is Ready for Print!

Nana A Damoah

Writing of a book is an interesting process. First it is an idea in the gut and in the mind, then it becomes character on the screen or paper, then it becomes a manuscript. The journey from idea to manuscript, for me, is the easiest part.

The real work is the transition of manuscript into printed matter or finished ebook.

My first article in the Sebiticals series was written and published by Infoboxx​ in August 2014. The completed compilation for the book Sebitically Speaking​ was completed and uploaded in the raw form for initial reading and feedback on 4 March 2015. On that same day, I sent the manuscript to my book designer, John Benjamin Yanney​ of Multipixel, to start developing the cover design concept. I also sent the manuscript same day to H Kwasi Prempeh​, who had graciously accepted to do the Foreword, and to some other persons who…

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