Know all about Noella Wiyaala; from her Naughties to her Angelics

Mum C writes


My guest is an edgy (in a good way) kind of girl. She is fashionable, African, down to earth and real. She is hot on the market right now or should I say climbing the peak of her career? When I had the opportunity to interview her, I was elated and so would you. Let’s get straight into knowing this African specifically, Ghanaian diamond.


Please tell us your name and something about yourself.


My name is NoellaWiyaala. I am a Sisala girl from the Upper West. My father is a Sisala and my mother is a Dagarti. We are five girls. I sing, I dance and I entertain people.  My style of music is Afro Pop. I had my primary education at T. I. Ahmmadiya, and attended Tumu Senior Secondary; KANSEC. I completed in 2005. I’m in my mid-twenties. I’m from a normal family where…

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