Ghanamanic Gullibility

Nana A Damoah

There are some names and words that are unique to Ghana. My writer friend Kofi Akpabli has a number of them listed in his book ‘Tickling The Ghanaian’. He calls it Ghanakasacartograph. In there he has terms like ‘Tokyo Joe’, ‘Opana’, ‘Shogologobangoshay’ and ‘Ampukyekye’.  What is fascinating about some of these ‘terms’ is that we usually can’t remember the origin of its coinage or the story behind it.spacecar

And there are some brand names too that have meaning unique only to Ghana. Like Space car. Google that or ask any non-Ghanaian or even a Ghanaian who is not familiar with Accra or specifically the Circle-Kaneshie-Odorkor-Mallam route and you get the response of a vehicle that is out of this world. Literally. But on this route, it is the name of a famous mode of transport that has been with us for years.

The ‘Space car’ is a bus which is…

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