Olympic Games – Why We Don’t Care

Maybe it is true that the average Ghanaian doesn’t like to inconvenience others, especially foreigners. Yes, that has to be it.

That is the only reason why since 1992 we have allowed the workers who tally the medals

Let’s take a national nap when our athletes perform

won at the Olympic Games to simply copy and paste our medal haul: Gold = 0. Silver = 0. Bronze = 0. Aren’t we considerate? For five consecutive events spanning 20 years the people in charge of updating Ghana’s tally have been better off sleeping, resting their undoubtedly tired hands and brains. We have accorded them  workload which is the envy of some of our civil servants and public sector workers. Ghanaians aren’t like the arrogant Cubans, Australians, Americans or Chinese who win so often on a single day that the scoreboard monitors work overtime to earn meager pay. I mean, what is that? Why extend the reach of capitalism in such wicked ways? We are not like that!

In fact, there should be a public parade for the joke of a Black Meteors team that defied national character to claim bronze in Barcelona in 1992. Parade them and lash every single one of those players! And a plague on the boxers who broke our winning streak in 1960, 1964 and 1972. No wonder we don’t recognize them that much. Next time they will betray Ghana like that.

Enough of the past: we have a glorious future. We will wait until January 2016 to start thinking about preparing for the Games of that year. In the meantime let the athletes fend for themselves. Who cares about preparation? Isn’t the beauty of the sport watching on the D-day? The athletes can think of better things to do than train. Come off it! Where is it even being held? Who cares? You see how well planned our plan is?

So if 2016 is taken care of, then forget about 2020. Long term planning removes room for any excuses and that is not fair. What is the use of grooming potentials from high school with 2020 in mind? Eh? Why? Let us rather utilize those resources to improve the pockets of the few people with access to those funds. Their need to win medals in the corruption category is quite pressing. And those athlete potentials can become truck pushers for all we care.

Irrespective of 2016 or 2020, we will focus on the bigger events in which we usually have no hope. Why bother with lesser events anyways? There is no glory in getting medals (sorry I mean failing) there. We mine enough gold; we don’t need these people to bring us back more.

But so as not to give the game away we will pretend. We will pretend to care. But in reality we don’t and don’t give a damn that we don’t. There are already too many other countries that fight with us for the privilege of heading the medals table from the bottom. Or maybe we can petition the IOC to create a special category underneath those who are last and plunge the nation into deeper depths.

We are used to identifying with sporting heroes of other countries above our own. It starts with football and trickles down into other disciplinary faucets. So we will cheer for Usain Bolt, Neymar and anyone foreign who comes to mind. We don’t even know the names of our performers. We love our foreigners as they are.

So who dared aver that Ghanaians aren’t hospitable?


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10 Responses to Olympic Games – Why We Don’t Care

  1. nana yaw sikapa says:

    hahahahaha, awww kwabena, how I wish the sports council will get to read this. good work.

  2. awura abena says:

    Oh dear! If the fans who pay to go and watch these games read this piece, some officials will be in serious trouble ooo. Hehehehe! Another masterpiece Kwabena. 😀

  3. kofilarbi30 says:

    kasakoa ampa!!
    got it right off the bat one time.
    there was a year when the officials were even more than the athletes and Why not? the event I just used as an opportunity to line their pockets.
    trust me, even paralympic teams got more glory because they plan way ahead. Mr Sowah the president is a visionary.
    able bodied selfish idiots!! they should al burn at the stake!! this Olympic committee local chapter.

  4. Aba Majel says:

    We should just be banned from all kinds of sports games…the only people who benefit are the thousands of officials who follow the athletes, not the country…When it comes to the Olympics, i get so proud of the Jamaicans, even though i’m not one. Despite the odds they face in their country, they put in their best and are amongst the top 5 countries.

    • Kwabena says:

      The question of resources is thus not that much of a big deal yet GH ooo GH. The fact that the officials outnumber the athletes is also quite disturbing. Ego bee one day

  5. Ingrid says:

    Hahaha that’s a good one. I think we place too much emphasis on football. Its time to develop the other sports. No offense to football lovers.

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